About VectorBuilder

Version: 2.1.26

Last update: 2017-10-12

Created by: Cyagen Biosciences Inc.

VectorBuilder is a revolutionary online platform for researchers to easily obtain customized DNA vectors and related reagents tailored to their research needs. You can follow a highly intuitive workflow on VectorBuilder to design your desired vector with just a few mouse clicks, all for free. You can then order services related to your vector, such as custom cloning and virus packaging, as easily as you can order books on Amazon. The cost and turnaround time of these services are just a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to do it yourself.

The creators of VectorBuilder believe that a vector is just a reagent, not a research project. Yet, we see too often that biologists, especially budding trainees, spend countless hours toiling in the lab trying to clone a few vectors, sometimes unsuccessfully after months of hard work. We believe this to be a colossal waste of human potential. We therefore decided to create VectorBuilder, a platform that makes vector construction easy, fast, affordable – and yes, fun – for researchers around the world.

If you are still not ready to outsource your cloning and virus packaging to VectorBuilder, consider this: About 40 years ago, labs made their own restriction enzymes. About 30 years ago, labs synthesized their own primers. About 20 years ago, labs made their own antibodies. Does anyone still do any of these in their own labs? No, because researchers have increasingly realized the value of outsourcing the making of research tools to more cost-effective commercial entities, so they can focus on the use of these tools to study their biological questions of interest. So make the smart move, outsource to VectorBuilder!

Besides cloning and virus packaging, VectorBuilder offers many other molecular biology services such as BAC modification (recombineering), library construction, DNA/RNA preparation, and mutagenesis.

VectorBuilder prides itself as a community resource for all things related to vectors. As such, it provides comprehensive educational materials about vectors and vector components, which are placed under Learning Center on the menu bar. With these materials, an apprentice of the trade can quickly learn the pros and cons of different vector system (e.g. lentivirus versus adenovirus) and what components to choose for their vectors (e.g. what fluorescent proteins to use). VectorBuilder also offers many free bioinformatics tools for DNA sequence analysis, such as sequence alignment, shRNA target design, and gRNA off-target analysis, which are placed under Tools on the menu bar.

VectorBuilder is a sister company of Cyagen Biosciences, a contract research organization headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, with over 300 employees worldwide. Cyagen is the world’s largest supplier of custom-built mouse and rat models, and is also a leading provider of research-use stem cell products. Shortly after launch, VectorBuilder quickly became the world's leading provider of vector construction and virus packaging services. To date, VectorBuilder and Cyagen have served thousands of universities and companies worldwide, and their products and services have been widely cited in many high-impact journals.