Virus Packaging

VectorBuilder has developed a range of proprietary technologies and reagents that greatly improved virus packaging protocols in terms of titer, purity, viability and consistency. Our packaging protocols are also optimized for the viral vector systems used in our cloning services. As a result, we have a growing base of highly satisfied customers who come back to us time after time for their cloning and virus packaging needs.
How to obtain virus packaging services?
You can obtain packaging services as follows:
  • You can package viruses using vectors that are custom built by VectorBuilder. When you put the cloning service for such a vector in your shopping cart, you will have the option to also add the corresponding virus packaging service to the cart.
  • To package viruses using your own vectors, just submit your needs to us by clicking the Send Design Request button on the homepage. Our scientists will send you a link to a service proposal including price, turnaround and other relevant information. You can add the proposal to your shopping cart.
  • Lastly, you can place an order for the content of your shopping cart by following instructions there.
Types of packaging services offered
Currently, we offer packaging services for the following virus types:
  • Lentivirus (third generation)
  • Adenovirus
  • AAV (second generation), serotype 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, rh10
  • VSVG pseudotyped MMLV
We will consider packaging other types of viruses per your need on a case-by-case basis.
You can read more about our standard lentivirial, adenoviral, AAV and MMLV vector systems by going to menu item Learning Center > VectorPedia > Guide to Vector Systems.
Price and turnaround time
Due to our technology advantage, our virus packaging services have the highest quality in the industry and are also faster and more affordable than other suppliers. All custom-packaged viruses undergo thorough testing to ensure that they meet the purity, viability and titer requirements. The final deliverable also includes the appropriate control virus.
Price and turnaround time for virus packaging:
Virus Type Scale Application Titer & Volume Price (USD)* Turnaround**
Lentivirus Medium Cell culture >108 TU/ml, 1 ml $595 7-14 days
Large Cell culture >109 TU/ml, 1 ml $995 7-14 days
Ultra-purified In vivo >109 TU/ml, 1 ml $1495 7-14 days
Adenovirus Medium Cell culture >1010 PFU/ml, 1 ml $595 20-32 days
Large Cell culture >1010 PFU/ml, 10 ml $995 20-32 days
Ultra-purified In vivo >1012 VP/ml, 2 ml $1495 22-36 days
AAV Medium Cell culture >1011 GC/ml, 1 ml $595 7-14 days
Large Cell culture >1012 GC/ml, 1 ml $995 7-14 days
Ultra-purified In vivo >1012 GC/ml, 1 ml $1495 9-16 days
MMLV Medium Cell culture >107 TU/ml, 1 ml $595 7-14 days
Large Cell culture >108 TU/ml, 1 ml $995 7-14 days

* Price includes control virus.

** Turnaround time is defined as the time from when an order is accepted to when it is shipped. It does not include waiting time for any materials that the customer needs to supply (e.g. viral vectors).

Control virus
For each order of custom-packaged virus, an aliquot of the appropriate control virus will be provided for free. The control virus is designed to match the biological application of the custom virus. For example, if the custom virus overexpresses a gene, then the control virus provided will overexpress EGFP, and if the custom virus expresses an shRNA against a gene, then the control virus provided will express a scramble shRNA.